Where Were You When…

I was at Giant Eagle on Saturday afternoon, when they started playing “You Should Hear How She Talks About You” by Melissa Manchester. It had been a while since I heard this song; it had been on a1982 compilation album,  a two-tape pack that my parents bought for me along with my first Walkman. It really did “take me back” to that Christmas.

Can you remember where  you were when you heard a particular song or album for the first time? Do you associate a particular song to a very specific place and time? When you hear a tune on the radio, or in a store, does it “take you back?”

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Stephen Herron

Northern Irish writer and technologist, now living in Cleveland, Ohio.

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2 Responses

  1. Marc Majers says:

    Stephen you have struck a chord with this post because music can trigger so many memories. I have many moments in relation to music, but one of the most memorable was the first time I heard “Jump” by Van Halen. My next door neighbor bought the album and was absolutely cranking the title track “1984”. Then all of a sudden I heard the roar of the synthesizer, the pounding of the drums, the slap of the bass and the howl of David Lee’s voice and I knew at that moment, I had to learn how to make music.

  2. Ray Schuck says:

    I remember when I got George Michael’s Faith album in early 1988, around the time “Father Figure” was on the charts. I fell in love with “One More Try” and hoped they would release it to the radio. My high school had this weird set up where there was only one soda machine, and it was in the weight room under the gym seats where we all hung out during lunch period. I went in one spring afternoon to get a soda and heard “One More Try” playing on the Top 40 station they had going in that room. I immediately got so excited I told a few guys sitting there all about it. They just kind of looked at me and probably thought I was nuts. The song went on to spend 3 weeks at the top of the Hot 100 charts, and became cemented to that soda machine in my memory.

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