About Tunesmate

Tunesmate’s concept is simple, we know that music keeps life interesting, so we want to point you to new tunes. As listeners, we tend to get stuck listening to the same artists over and over. Digital and streaming music changed the game. Tunesmate will countdown genres of songs to expose artists you may have never paid attention to before. Discover music through the eyes of similarity.

The blog features segments like the Daily Eighties Flashback (DEF), Birthday of the Week, It’s Already Been Five Years, Saturday Morning Cartoons, It Happened 50 Years Ago, 25 years Ago In The 90s, In Memorandum, Monthly Mixtape, Mashup of the Week, Title Title, Sentunes, and much more!

Then join us for the Tunesmate podcast featuring in-depth discussions on the segments you love, plus interviews with artists!

Jose Diaz
Chad Every
Candis Hecking
Marc Majers
Ray Schuck
Stephen Herron

Contact: tunesmate [at] gmail [dot] com

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