USB Mixtape

Back in the day, making a mix tape was the ultimate expression of friendship. In the 2000 movie High Fidelity starring John Cusak, his character Rob Gordon describes the method of creating an exceptional mix. You first start with a really strong song with lyrics that have an underlying meaning. Then for the next three songs you keep bringing it strong, but then you drop the bottom out. You fade in a ballad or a slow jam that resets the mix and gels it back together. Then you end the mix tape the same way you started it, strong!

Fast forward, pun intended, 10 years later and the cassette is no where to be found, however USB drives are everywhere. As a matter of fact, you can pick up a USB drive these days dirt cheap.

Instead of creating that classic mix tape, you can now create a classic mix drive. The only thing now that is challenging is the fact that on a standard cassette tape you may be required to fill up about 30 songs, now with a USB drive you are talking hundreds of songs. To create a mix drive is going to take much more thought and time to get a smooth mix.

More on the art of USB Mixtapes:
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