The Blue Nile

They never really hit it huge, at least in the United States, but Scottish band The Blue Nile has developed a very loyal following on both sides of the Atlantic over the past 25 years for their mellow, melancholy musings.  Their instrumentation, their beats, their lyrics, and the vocals of Paul Buchanan all reflect a sort of forlorn, reflective combination of the contradictory impulses of optimism and resignation.  Their song “The Downtown Lights” might be the best known of their compositions, having received some VH1 and adult contemporary radio play in 1989.  The above clip features a tune titled “Saturday Night” set to the art of Edward Hopper, whom you might know from his most famous piece, Nighthawks.  The two seem a perfect match, as both the music of the Blue Nile and the art of Edward Hopper seem to channel the same emotions and experiences.  For more, check out the band’s four studio recordings:  A Walk Across Rooftops, Hats, Peace At Last, and High.

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  1. Avatar Marc Majers says:

    The Blue Nile is an underrated band that just didn’t make an impact in America. “The Downtown Lights” is a great song.

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