Luther Vandross’s 60th birthday

Today would have been Luther Vandross’s 60th birthday.  Before he passed away in 2005, Vandross had become renowned for his smooth voice, featured on such hits as “Here and Now,” “Don’t Want to Be a Fool,” “Any Love,” and his Grammy-award-winning “Dance with My Father.”  He also hit the top 10 with a couple of duets in the early 1990s, alongside Janet Jackson for 1992’s “The Best Things in Life Are Free” and on a remake of “Endless Love” with Mariah Carey, which became Vandross’s highest-charting song on Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart by peaking at number 2 in 1994.

Of all of Vandross’s songs, though, I might choose as my personal favorite his first top 20 hit:  1986’s “Stop to Love,” which is featured above.  What’s your favorite Luther Vandross song?

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