Sheryl Crow at 50

Who knew back in 1962 that this week in February would be so significant for popular music in the future?  As noted here on Tunesmate, this past Monday, Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose turned 50.  Then, as also noted here on Tunesmate, this past Tuesday, Garth Brooks turned 50.  Well, today, it’s Sheryl Crow’s turn to hit 50.

The Missouri-born singer/songwriter first hit the big time in 1994 when “All I Wanna Do” soared to a peak of number 2 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 charts.  Since then, she’s had eight additional Top 40 hits, as well as a number of other singles that have become well known even though they didn’t hit the Top 40.  Among those other well-known singles, interestingly enough, is Crow’s remake of Axl Rose’s biggest hit, “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” which never charted for Crow but did win her a Grammy back in 1999.  Crow’s video for her version of the song is featured above.

Like we did for Rose and Brooks, Tunesmate is looking for sentunes and mini-sentunes for Sheryl Crow to celebrate her 50th birthday.  Here’s a Sheryl Crow discography to help you out, and here’s a sentune to get us started:  Leaving Las Vegas, a change would do you good if it makes you happy now that you’re gone home.

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