Garth Brooks at 50

If you had asked me whether Garth Brooks or Axl Rose was older, I would have probably guessed that Garth had a little time on Axl.  However, it’s actually the opposite, though just barely.  While yesterday Guns N Roses lead singer Axl Rose celebrated his 50th birthday, today it’s Garth Brooks who is turning 50.

And so, what has Brooks done with those 50 years?  Well, he’s only become the third-highest selling recording artist in U.S. history (based on RIAA album certifications), trailing only the Beatles and Elvis Presley.  Not bad company, eh?

Like yesterday, when Tunesmate honored Axl Rose by asking for GNR sentunes, today we’re looking for Garth Brooks sentunes and mini-sentunes, which should be easy to create, given all of those albums and their sales.  For some help, here’s a link to a Garth Brooks discography.  Here’s one to get us started:  Standing outside the fire, the thunder rolls the river rodeo somwhere other than the night.

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