Roland Gift

Happy birthday to Roland Gift, who turns 50 today. 

Even if you don’t recognize Roland Gift’s name, if you followed pop music at all in 1989, you most certainly recognize his voice, which could be heard on two number one hits that year.  Gift was the lead singer of the band Fine Young Cannibals, whose songs “She Drives Me Crazy” and “Good Thing” each topped Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart for one week in 1989.  Both songs appeared on FYC’s album The Raw and the Cooked, which also spawned one more hit — “Don’t Look Back,” which peaked at number eleven.

Those would be the only three top 40 hits for Fine Young Cannibals, who broke up in the 1990s.  Meanwhile, since his days with FYC, Gift has pursued a solo career as a musician as well as an acting career.  Perhaps his most significant acting role came as Xavier St. Cloud in the television series Highlander.

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2 Responses

  1. Robin Heller says:

    Please help I’m losing my mind. I remember seeing Gift and I want to say Steve Perry of Journey and Axel Rose of Guns n Roses perform a trio on and awards show in 1996-2008ish ??? They all three have incredible control of their voices. If you can help shed some light on this I would be greatly thankful.

  2. Ray Schuck says:

    I don’t remember this, and I tried looking for information on it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. If I ever come across it, though, I’ll post it here.

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