DJ Memoirs – Top 5 Prince Songs

As a professional DJ, Prince is one of those artists that automatically makes you better because his funky tunes make a crowd get up and dance. Over the last twenty years, I’ve used the power of his genius to incorporate smooth beats along with catchy lyrics to keep dance floors packed. In honor of Prince, below are the top five songs requested by fans who like to dance!

Prince’s Top 5 DJ Jams

  1. 1999 – This jam ushered in the next century. No matter when you play this song, even after Y2k people, audiences request this song.
  2. Erotic City – This song mixes well with Tone Loc’s Wild Thing. It’s a staple in funky mega mixes.
  3. Kiss – You had me from the first guitar riff! As soon as the song starts the audience goes wild.
  4. Let’s Go Crazy – “Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered today to talk about this thing called life.” The tune starts with the best line of all-time and ends with a bombastic guitar solo.
  5. Purple Rain – When you want to wind down the night and create an ambience of romance – this slow jam is one crowd’s love.

What Prince song do you like to dance too?

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