Bret Michaels’ Scam

llustration: Rob Kelly

I am big fan of Bret Michaels. I personally think the lead singer of Poison is a strong song writer and made the soundtrack of 80s and 90s. “Rock of Love”, Bret’s version of the dating game for the millennium, brought something to talk about around the water cooler. However, recently Bret has been in the spotlight for two things, the big win on the Celebrity Apprentice and his recent brain hemorrhage.

I first have to say I have no evidence of a scam regarding Bret Michaels’ health. However do you think there is a coincidence between the announcement of Bret being hospitalized and the final episode of the Celebrity Apprentice? It just makes you wonder was Donald Trump behind the recent publicity? I was personally caught up in the ordeal and was wishing for speedy recovery for Bret. Then all of a sudden in less than week, right as the final episode aired, Bret was out on tour again?

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1 Response

  1. Michelle Rutkowski says:

    Interesting thought Marc. I hadn’t really pieced it all together. One thing I’m convinced of is that Bret is working really hard on a comeback, so you never know.

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