The Ohio Weather Band

A couple weeks ago, Akron-based trio The Ohio Weather Band played an hour-long lunchtime set at my campus. From my first moments of listening, I couldn’t help but think of the band as a contemporary successor of rockabilly. It didn’t hurt that lead singer and guitarist Corey King was wearing glasses that conjured images of Buddy Holly. As the band evoked further blues and country feels, the history of rock ‘n’ roll, winding through Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and so on, rattled around in my mind. As those three names coalesced, I was already comparing The Ohio Weather Band to The Traveling Wilburys when King asked if we knew them and led the group into a faithful rendition of “Handle With Care.”

By the time the set was over, I was waiting in line to buy all three of their CDs: their self-titled debut album from 2014; Crooked Light from 2016; and their latest, an EP titled Don’t Try. I highly recommend doing the same. Then, if you can, go see them play.

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