Sail On Versus Se La

Sail On

Se La

Lionel Richie is a successful solo artist and a founding member of the Commodores. While Lionel was a member of the Commodores he recorded a song called Sail On. While Lionel was a solo artist he recorded a song call Se La. He both wrote both of these songs. It was wasn’t until recently that I pieced together a request I received DJing a retirement party that involved both of these songs.

The couple told me they wanted Sail On by Lionel Richie as the song they wanted as their slow dance during the grand introductions. It seemed logical. The song is a ballad that Lionel Richie recorded as a member of the Commodores. However at the end of dancing to the song, the client came up and told that it was the wrong song. He said it’s the other Sail On by Lionel Richie. I thought about it for a while after the event until recently I figured it out.

I was listening to a 1980s flashback weekend when a lost classic played. It was Lionel Richie’s Se La from his Dancing on the Ceiling release. Suddenly it hit me that this was the song he wanted all along; my mystery was complete. The moral of the story is always listen closely and ask questions. If you aren’t sure, play the song to the client before the event or get the specific link to the song. It doesn’t pay to just go off of a title because as you know from Title Title we play here at Tunesmate, a title is just a title.

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