Remy Zero / Gregory Slay

It was sad to hear that Gregory Scott Slay, the original drummer from the band Remy Zero passed away on January 1st. Slay battled cystic fibrosis his entire life and passed away due to complications with the disease.

Remy Zero is often playing on my ipod. I can never get tired of listening to them. To me their music is very emotional. Several of Remy Zero’s songs have been featured in movies including Crazy/Beautiful and The Garden State. The song “Save Me” was the theme song for the WB show Smallville.

After the band broke up in 2003 several members joined new bands. Cedric Lemoyne is now part of O+S which is another constant play on my ipod. You can follow them on twitter

Remy Zero is definitely one of my favorite bands and I’m sorry the industry lost a talented drummer at the age of 40.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you Candis for posting these kind words. -Cedric

  2. Eugene says:

    I hadn’t seen that. My wife is a big fan of that band. So sad to die so young.

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