Peter Tork 1942-2019

News is spreading that Peter Tork, the bassist from The Monkees, has passed away just over a week after turning 77. To connect with Tunesmate’s interest in celebrating music and what it means to us, going forward, when writing about someone who has passed away, we’re going to ask for your memories associated with that artist. For instance, is there a particular time or place you associate with one of that artist’s songs?

So, in honor of Peter Tork, let us know if you have any particular memory of an event or a specific time and/or place that you associate with The Monkees or one of their songs. Personally, I have lots of general memories of watching The Monkees television show growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, and I remember watching the video for “That Was Then, This Is Now” when Tork, Mickey Dolenz, and Davy Jones brought the group back in 1986, but I don’t have a specific instance that strikes me. Perhaps more telling of The Monkees’ influence is that I still find myself singing their show’s theme song, especially to my kids when they are monkeying around at home.

Let us know your Peter Tork/The Monkees memories.

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