Nathan Roberts

Back in October, when I saw Hey Marseilles and Sea Wolf perform in concert, Toledo, Ohio-based artist Nathan Roberts took the stage before them to perform a set of songs from his EP Beautiful Universe.  Roberts reminded me a bit of Jackson Browne in concert, though when you listen to his EP, you can hear even more fully the influences he indicates on his Facebook page.  Perhaps most striking is the Beatles/Oasis vibe of the catchy “What Can You Do?”  His EP, which features five tunes (including “What Can You Do?”), can be purchased for $4.95, and as Roberts said in concert, for only five bucks, why not get it?

Roberts has also released a Christmas tune called “I Don’t Want To Be Alone This Christmas,” the video for which can be seen on his official website and by clicking above.  Meanwhile, Roberts continues to play live gigs and will be appearing at the Village Idiot in Maumee, Ohio, on December 30.

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