Foreigner Sentune

Foreigner is one of my favorite bands of all-time because of their potent mix of guitars and keywords in their music. I think I went through three cassette tapes of Agent Provocateur when I was a teenager. Above is That Was Yesterday, a song off that album that I played hundreds of times.

Can you make a Foreigner Sentune? Take five Foreigner song titles and make a sentence from them or if you want to make a Sentune Jr. from three titles.

Here are some examples:
Senture Jr.
Luanne say you will until the end of time.

With heaven on our side, Luanne say you will rev on the red line until the end of time.

Top Songs:
Feels like the first time
I want to know what love is
I don’t want to live without you
With heaven on our side
Say you will
Waiting for a girl like you
Head games
Double vision

Here’s a list of songs to help build your own

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  1. Ray Schuck says:

    Hot blooded juke box hero, say you will break it up until the end of time.

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