Def Leppard Sentune

It’s now time for another round of Sentune! It’s the magical game that is sweeping the nation. The game that makes you think in song titles. You need to write a grammatically correct sentence using the song titles of your favorite musical artist. This week we’ve thrown down the challenge to make a sentence from Def Leppard songs. Try you hand at three songs (Sentune Jr.) together or even better yet five songs (Sentune). Can you do it?

Def Leppard Sentune Jr.
Women Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) On Through The Night

Def Leppard Sentune
Diehard the Hunter Now Go Pour Some Sugar On Me Tonight

Here’s a list of songs to help.

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1 Response

  1. Ray Schuck says:

    Bringin’ on the heartbreak, love bites two steps behind animal women.

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