Clapton Tours Again


Starting on February 18, Eric Clapton starts up his live concert machine again. This year kicking off the tour will be the newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Jeff Beck. The second leg of the tour will then feature frontman of the Who Roger Daltrey, while the last leg of the tour features Steve Winwood. Last year Clapton teamed up with Winwood to record a live concert album from Madison Square Garden featuring classics like “Can’t Find My Way Home” and “Forever Man”.

It seems like Clapton is teaming up with other veteran rockers to conjure up a unique concert experience. It’s like he is creating a live mash-up of two of your favorites. Elton John and Billy Joel keep touring together joining forces on stage. Besides Jeff Beck, Roger Daltrey and Steve Winwood, who else would you like to see play an entire show with Eric Clapton? Personally I think Eric Clapton and Phil Collins might be rather interesting.

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  1. Ray Schuck says:

    Clapton and Collins would be great. If I remember correctly, they actually did a couple of shows together on Phil’s concert tour to go with his But Seriously album. And didn’t Clapton show up in the video for “I Wish It Would Rain Down.”

    I think Eric Clapton and The Edge would be cool …

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