Analog Adventures: Awaken, My Love!

Childish Gambino

Awaken, My Love!


Donald Glover is a man of many talents. Famous for his acting and writing on TV shows such as 30 Rock, Community, and Atlanta, but when he goes by Childish Gambino, heis also a world-class musician. His two first albums Camp and because the internet are classics in the hip hop canon; Awaken, My Love! is a soulful departure the genre.

The album is almost like an ode to Funkadelic’s masterpiece Maggot Brain but has enough modern sensibilities from preventing it from being a cheap imitation. Gambino employs a full band to provide the backing music and the results are incredible. His vocal range dominates each track, especially in the mega hit Redbone which he uses an otherworldly falsetto through out the track.

The record itself is a work of art. The cover photo was shot by Ibra Ake with a chilling blue palette that almost glows. The rest of the record is standard fare, without a gate fold to include more art or lyrics. The rear cover lists the tracks and credits for each song.

The record has been a worldwide sensation, and that also means that it is rather easy to find a good copy. Copies are easy to find at retail and online. This is an absolute must for R&B fans.




Stand Tall

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