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Math rock is a tough genre to get into. Complex rhythms coupled with unorthodox song structures alienate most listeners, but tricot is not most math rock bands. The Kyoto trio led by Ikkyu Nakajima first made a splash in the music world in 2011 with their debut EP Bakuretsu Toriko. They blend math rock instrumentals, Japanese-pop style vocals, and song writing reminiscent of the Beatles led by Lennon and McCartney.

The limited black and transparent blue marble edition (photo by Tanner Matherly)

3 is the aptly titled third album by tricot. The album features the band at their finest, starting out with Tokyo Vampire Hotel. The drumming is controlled yet chaotic and the guitars bring it all together to form a coherent rhythm. While not a concept album, the songs flow well into each other, leaving few tracks with a definitive end or beginning. There are exceptions, such as the song Pork Ginger which ends with a Primus-like bass line and polyrhythmic drums. The flip side of the LP begins with the sublime Echo which perfectly shows their Beatles influence. Melon Soda concludes the album on a satisfying high note that leaves you wanting more to listen to.

This record is a great way to get into the math rock and Japanese pop genres. tricot has a small yet devoted following outside of their native Japan, which means their music can be tricky to obtain. Finding a copy of 3 for about $30 is normal on Discogs, and well worth the investment.


Tokyo Vampire Hotel


Melon Soda

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