A.D.D. Radio

In Cleveland, I recently stumbled upon a radio station that constantly plays 3-5 second snippets of songs in a row. The songs played are grouped by the year of release so if you liked that year, it’s music to your ears.

87.7 is the lowest spectrum on your radio dial and for some reason it’s become Attention Deficit Disorder radio. If you always dreamed of a day where just a few seconds of a song is good enough, then this is the station for you. I was able to listen for 10 minutes, how long can you go?

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  1. Marc says:

    I recently discovered this A.D.D. blitz of music was to create a buzz for a new radio station. 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound plays an eclectic mix of music from Pearl Jam to Johnny Cash. http://www.877cleveland.com/

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