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How To Write A Song Like The Cure

Have you ever wondered how to write a song like The Cure in under a minute? Check out this tutorial by YouTuber Desmond Doom, the song they write amazingly sounds like the latest single...


DEF: The Cure “In Between Days”

The Cure hit Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart fourteen times, spanning a decade between 1986 and 1996. Exactly 35 years ago, the first of those fourteen songs, “In Between Days,” debuted at number 99 in its...


DEF: The Cure “Fascination Street”

Four songs from The Cure‘s Disintegration album made appearances on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. On this date in 1989, the first of those four songs, “Fascination Street,” rose to a peak position of number 46.


The Cure Sentune

Since we’ve been listening to The Cure a lot, this week’s sentune is from the group that brought us classics like “Close to Me,” “Never Enough,” and “Lovesong.”  Here’s one to get us started: Just...