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MOTW: The Final Teen Spirit

The mashup o the week is The Final Teen Spirit Mashup (Nirvana vs Europe). Europe’s song the The Final Countdown is one of the most recognizable 1980s keyboard riffs of all-time. Nirvana’s song Smells...


MOTW: Smells Like Rockin’ Robin

This week’s mashup is from one of our favorite artists Go Home Productions. Listen to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” combined with The Jackson 5’s “Rockin’ Robin” to create Smells Like Rockin’ Robin. Michael...



In honor of the upcoming release of the new Godzilla movie, Tunesmate is dropping some music knowledge on a song with the same title. Blue Oyster Cult’s 1977 original song called “Godzilla” is a...


Smells Like Thirtysomething Spirit

If you were of an age to smell like teen spirit when Nirvana hit with their song of the same name, then you’re in your thirties now.  That’s because exactly 20 years ago today,...

Foo Fighters Alive 0

Foo Fighters Alive

I recently saw the Foo Fighters perform on Austin City Limits and I realized how historic the band truly has become. From the ashes of Nirvana has come one of the strongest rock bands...

Lady Nirgaga 0

Lady Nirgaga

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0YB9C_-eXQ What happens when you mix the music from Lady Gaga’s Pokerface with the vocals of Kurt Cobain from Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit? You get Lady Nirgaga by DJ Lobsterdust.