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MOTW – Wow

The mashup of the week (MOTW) is courtesy of Masada who wanted to mix Neil Cicierega’s “Wow Wow” with something, but couldn’t decide so decided to not decide. The artist mixed Neil Cicierega with...


Taylor Swift’s Country Rap

Recently Taylor Swift visited the Danger Mouse morning show and busted out this cover version of Eminem’s Lose Yourself. What do you think?


YouTube Music Awards Nov 3

Did you know YouTube is having their first Music Awards show on November 3rd? You can vote now for your favorite videos and subscribe to be reminded when the event kicks off. It’s the...


Lose Yourself

A few weeks ago, Tunesmate noted that Eminem hit a significant personal milestone, as he turned 40 on October 17.  Today marks the 10th anniversary of another significant milestone for the rapper.  Exactly 10...


Not Afraid (of Hitting Forty?)

Believe it or not, Marshall Mathers (a.k.a. Eminem) turns 40 today.  In honor of his 40th birthday, what’s your favorite Eminem song?

Eminem #1 Arist of Decade 2

Eminem #1 Arist of Decade

Congratulations to Eminem being named Billboard Magazine’s number one artist of 2000s. Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, started and ended the decade with a strong series of hits. Dr. Dre groomed this rapping Caucasian from...