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Blast Radio 0

Blast Radio

Clevelander Jay Lewis recently launched a new interactive Internet radio station called Blast Radio. If you are looking for a new source of Urban and Pop favorites, then you should check it out. I...


What If

The Cleveland Indians mantra for the second consecutive year is “What If”. Do the Wahoos realize they’ve aligned themselves with Creed? In 2000, What If was one of the hottest rock songs and was...

Cleveland’s Rockhall Blog 0

Cleveland’s Rockhall Blog

The other day I discovered that Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a nice blog. Everyday the site shares tidbits of rock n’ roll memorabilia and facts corresponding to the artists that...

Akron Song 0

Akron Song

The Alan Cox Show recently did a parody based on the city of Akron, Ohio set to the tune of “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. Akron seems to get over shadowed by surrounding...


Jane Scott

The other day, Jane Scott passed away at the age of 92. She was not only one of the greatest interviewers and writers from the last fifty years, but she was a Cleveland icon....


Tom King — Rock Pioneer

Tom King, the Cleveland rock pioneer that wrote the 1966 song by The Outsider’s Time Won’t Let Me passed away last week. Below is the song that put Tom on the map.

Rush Cleveland 4-15 Concert Review 0

Rush Cleveland 4-15 Concert Review

Rush lit up the stage last Friday night to a packed Cleveland Q Arena. I have seen Rush perform in-person each decade and this was one of the most energetic performances to date. Did...


Born and Raised On Rock and Roll

Beau Coup, a Cleveland rock band, released “Born and Raised on Rock and Roll” in the early 80s. This song became the anthem that rallied the city during the quest for determining the location...



Drew Carey posted Blotto on his Twitter account the other day. I was surprised I never heard of them being influenced by 80s rock. He sent this tune out to Eric Mangini, former coach...