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MOTW: Let It Be, No Cry

What do you get when you take one of the most iconic classic rock songs and mix it with one of the most iconic reggae songs? You get the mashup of the week ”...


MOTW: Mashup Together

What do you get when you cross The Beatles, Cyprus Hill, House of Pain and Joan Jett? Here’s the mashup of week by DJ Faroff called Mashup Together.


Beatles Invade America

Fifty years ago today, the Beatles landed in New York City. It may not have been the beginning of Beatlemania but it defiantly solidified the band in the United States. The Beatles went on...


Will It Go Round In Circles?

Did you know Billy Preston is the fifth Beatle? He is the only non-Beatle to ever receive credit for his work on “Get Back”. Here is a version of Billy’s #1 hit “Circles” while...


What Happened to the Beatles in India?

Back in 1968, the Beatles visited India to expand their consciousness. During the trip, George and John stayed. Paul and Ringo left early. India Trip Length of Time: Ringo was there for 11 days...

Beatles Love Rocks 0

Beatles Love Rocks

I recently had the opportunity to finally catch the incredible Beatles show “Love” by Circus Soliel in Las Vegas. The visual gymnastics were beyond reason. The music was a tribute to the Beatles. There...