A Breathtaking Hit 25 Years Ago Today

As Tunesmate noted four months ago, the soundtrack from the film Top Gun produced a series of hit songs, including three that made it to the top 20.  The biggest of those hits, Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away,” rose to the top of Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart exactly 25 years ago today for a one-week run at number 1.  “Take My Breath Away” was far and away the biggest hit of the U.S.-based band’s career, as they hit the top 40 only one other time, in 1984 with “No More Words.”  (For those of you wondering, “The Metro” only went to number 58.)

Berlin is still active, and will actually be beginning a run of dates in California this coming weekend, after a nationwide tour, which also featured INXS at many stops, this summer.

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