Zakk Wylde Not On Ozzy’s New CD

I was recently listening to clip of Ozzy Osborne’s new song “Le Me Hear You Scream” and I didn’t hear the trademark Zakk Wilde guitar sound. Will the absense of Zakk hurt Ozzy’s sound, image and sales? Basically, he didn’t fire him but he didn’t ask him back.

According to Road Runner Record’s interview with Ozzy, “It’s not changed that much, apart from the fact that I thought I was beginning to sound like, um … what’s his band called? Zakk’s band. My brain, it just started on the left side. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. I started to sound like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. I don’t want anyone to think for one minute that I fired him. I never fired him. He never left. There was nothing to leave. Because all he was doing was his gig and mine. It kind of got to us crashing into each other. But I had to let go, because it’s me rather than him.”

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