Why American Idol Season 10 Will Fail

I first have to say that I am huge fan of American Idol, but my prediction this year is that it will fail. Why? Simple. You can’t replace Simon Cowell.

I will give you a quick example. If you may recall when Howard Stern left for satellite radio his replacement was flamboyant rocker and lead singer of Van Halen David Lee Roth. David Lee lasted for 90 days. He was interesting, but the reality is the listeners’ expectations were not met. People wanted to tune in and hear the same type of show. Mr. Roth was behind the eight ball from the beginning because listeners were so used to Howard.

Stephen Tyler is replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol. He is going to have the same uphill battle that David Lee Roth had when he replaced Howard Stern. Do you agree? Should American Idol just give up the panel of judges and give Ryan Seacrest the show like Bandstand?

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  1. idol smile says:

    You can’t compare Simon with Howard…

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