Weird Al Is Tacky

Weird Al’s latest album Mandatory Fun has been released and is getting rave reviews. In an effort to promote the album, Al will be world-premiering eight brand new music videos for the next several days. You heard it correctly – one new single everyday day on his website.

Mandatory Fun will mark his last official full length album. Don’t worry, Al isn’t retiring; Mr. Yankovic is taking a different approach to releasing new music. The parody king is going to focus on releasing music singles to jive with the patterns of the digital age. Now when a big hit song is blazing up the chart, he will be able to immediately release a parody of that song instead of attempting to package it together with a group of other songs. Below are two out of the eight songs he has released thus far. Eat your heart out Dr. Demento!

Follow Al at to discover the remaining videos.

Read his Reddit conversation about his latest album here.

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