Was Wolfgang Van Halen the 4th Frontman of Van Halen?

Recently Wolf Van Halen released a tribute song to his father Edward Van Halen called “Distance” under the name Mammoth WVH. He explained recently during an interview with Howard Stern that he was the one that called David Lee Roth’s agent to get Van Halen back together in 2007. He explained that his dad lost the spark and it was playing with Wolfgang that reignited it.

Eddie Trunk asked Wolf on his show Trunk Nation, “Why didn’t the Van Halen camp release much material over the last twenty years?” He said basically his dad had health issues and wanted time to feel good. Wolf revealed that they had to go back and listen to old demos with David Lee Roth to create their last album A Different Kind Of Truth because Eddie didn’t play that way anymore. He said without Wolf that album would have never happened. So is it fair enough to say that the last few years Van Halen only existed because of Wolf? He was the final muse that sparked creativity in Eddie Van Halen. Thus, I propose that he actually was the final frontman of Van Halen in a kind of behind the scenes way.

On Howard Stern, Wolfgang stated he will not be replacing his dad in Van Halen as the guitarist and will be forming his own band. He is focusing on his own career.

Edward Van Halen’s muses:

  • David Lee Roth was the “original flamboyant” frontman. 1976-1985, 1996, 2007-2015
  • Sammy Hagar was the “high energy emotional” frontman. 1985-1996, 2004
  • Gary Cherone was the “young intelligent” frontman. 1998 – 2000
  • Wolfgang Van Halen was the “mastermind behind the scenes” frontman. 2007-2015

Read about the birth of the album “A Different Kind Of Truth”

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