Van Halen Sentune

Try to make a Van Halen Sentune! Watch this 10 year old drummer play a medley of Van Halen songs for inspiration.

Do you remember the rules of Sentune? To make a Sentune, take five song titles from an artist and make a sentence from them. You can also make a Sentune Jr. from three titles. Below are some examples using Van Halen songs.

Sentune JR:

  • Once love walks in, I’m running with the devil.


  • I’ll wait inside once dreams light up the sky.

List of Van Halen songs to assist

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2 Responses

  1. Ray Schuck says:

    I’ll wait inside unchained poundcake when it’s love.

  2. Marc Majers says:

    Get up fools, everybody wants some poundcake right now!

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