Tunesmate Podcast Episode 72 – Richard Marx’s Top Songs

In this episode of Tunemate’s podcast, join Ray and Marc as they countdown their top five Richard Marx songs.  Celebrate the music of this singer, songwriter, and producer on their 60th birthday. Listen to find out facts, stories, and details about Richard’s top tunes.

Ray’s Richard Marx’s list
1. Children of the Night
2. Right Here Waiting
3. Should’ve Known Better
4. At the Beginning
5. Your World

6. Endless Summer Nights (It was really hard to leave this off)
7. Nothing Left Behind Us
8. Don’t Mean Nothing
9. Angelia

Marc’s Richard Marx’s list
1. Don’t Mean Nothing
2. Nothing Left Behind Us
3. Angelia
4. Keep Coming Back
5. Take This Heart

6. Should’ve known better
7. Endless Summer Nights
8. Right Here Waiting
9. Now and Forever

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