Tunesmate Podcast Episode 54 – Top Fool Songs

In this episode of Tunemate’s podcast, join Ray and Marc as they countdown their top five fool songs.  Whatever decade you embrace, you will be sure to find a song to add to your playlist. Listen to see if your favorite song made the list.

Ray’s Top 5 Fool Music
1. Won’t Get Fooled Again — The Who
2. What a Fool Believes — The Doobie Brothers
3. Nobody’s Fool — Kenny Loggins
4. Chain of Fools — Aretha Franklin
5. Foolish Heart — Steve Perry

Runners up:
6. Ship of Fools — Robert Plant
7. Ship of Fools — Erasure
8. Kissing a Fool — George Michael
9. Lovefool — The Cardigans
10. Foolish Beat — Debbie Gibson

Marc’s Top 5 Fool Music
1. What a Fool Believes — Doobie Brothers
2. Why Do Fools Fall in Love? — Frankie Lymon
3. Chain of Fools — Aretha Franklin
4. Fool in the Rain — Led Zeppelin
5. Won’t Get Fooled Again — The Who

Runners up:
6. Everybody Plays the Fool — Main Ingredient
7. Love Fool — Cardigans
8. Foolish Heart — Steve Perry
9. Nobody’s Fool — Cinderella
10. Nobody’s Fool —  Kenny Loggins

What kind of Fool am I — Rick Springfield
Fooling Yourself — Styx
Fool for Your Loving — Whitesnake
Ships of Fools — Robert Plant
Foolish Beat — Debbie Gibson
Kissing a Fool — George Michael
Even a Fool Can See — Peter Cetera
Fool For the City — Foghat
Poor Little Fool — Ricky Nelson
What Kind of Fool Am I — Sammy Davis
Fools Rush In — Elvis
Fools — Van Halen
One Less Fool — Randy Meisner

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