Tunesmate Podcast Episode #48 – Top 5 Mellencamp & Sting Songs

In this episode of Tunemate’s podcast, join Ray and Marc as they countdown their top five John “Cougar” Mellencamp and Sting songs.  Celebrate the music of these pioneering artists on their 70th birthday. Listen to see if your favorite song made the list.

Ray’s Top 5 Sting/The Police List
1. Be Still My Beating Heart
2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
3. Fragile
4. Why Should I Cry for You?
5. Wrapped Around Your Finger

Marc’s Top Sting/The Police List
1. Every Breath You Take
2. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
3. Fields of Gold
4. When We Dance
5. Roxanne


Ray’s Top 5 Mellencamp List
1. Cherry Bomb
2. Ain’t Even Done With the Night
3. Pink Houses
4. Wild Night
5. Jack and Diane

Marc’s Top Mellencamp List
1. Wild Night
2. ROCK in the USA
3. Pink Houses
4. Jack & Diane
5. Small Town

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