Top 40 Lead Guitarists of All-Time

Rolling Stone Magazine recently released their best 100 guitarists of all-time, however I thought it was incomplete. Below is my top 40 lead guitarists of all-time.

1. Eric Clapton  – Listen to Layla (Live)
2. Jimmy Hendrix – He did the Star Spangled Banner justice.
3. Jimmy Page – The tune the Ocean rocks.
4. Edward Van Halen – Eruption was big, but listen to Spanish Fly.
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Listen to Texas Flood.
6. Jeff Beck – Here is Freeway Jam (Live)
7. Joe Satriani – Listen to “Summer Song”.
8. Angus Young – Thunder Struck rocks! Watch it
9. Eric Johnson – Listen to “Cliffs of Dover”.
10. Brian May – He cranks of “Stone Cold Crazy”.
11. Peter Frampton  – He invented the Framptone. Listen to Do You Feel Like We Do?
12. Les Paul – He set the standard. Listen to “Moonglow”
13. Slash He jams on Sweet Child O’ Mine.
14. BB King – Bend your ear to the “Thrill is Gone”
15. Randy Rhoades  Here is his live rendition of “Iron Man”
16. Kirk Hammit Crank up “Master of Puppets
17. Do Biddley – Listen to “Who Do You Love?
18. Steive Howe –Listen to “South Side Of The Sky
19. Pete Townsend Check out “Pinball Wizard” –
20. The Edge – Listen to Vertigo
21. Duane Allman – Listen to “Statesboro Blues”.
22. Steve Vai  Listen to “I Would Love To”
23. Johnny Winter –Listen to Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
24. Richie Sambora – Listen to the “Wanted Dead or Alive”
25. David Gilmour Listen to “Learning to Fly”
26. AL Dimeola – Listen to this tune.
27. Neal Schon – Great tune is Stone In Love, Listen
28. John Lee Hooker – Boom, Boom, Boom is great tune, listen
29. Jack White Listen to this tune Icky Thump
30. Johnny Lang – Listen to Still Rainin’
31.John Frusciante – Listen to Dani California
32 Alex Lifeson – Check out Working Man (Live)
33 Yngwie Malmsteen – He let’s it fly on Heaven Tonight
34. Lita Ford – Her best tune is Kiss Me Deadly, listen..
35. Zakk Wyle – He can play on Perry Mason
36. Rudolf Schenker from the Scorpions – Listen to Rock You Like A Hurricane
37 Dick Dale – Here is an example of one of his tunes “Misirlou”
38 Brian Setzer – Listen to tune Stray Cat Strut
39. Neil Zaza – He waxes it down on I’m Alright
40. Vito Brata – He jams on Radar Love

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  1. fred flintstone says:

    Where is Frank Marino? Where is Pat Travers? I could name another 40. Enough of these idiotic lists… go back to school.

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