The Cloud is Modern Day Version of Columbia House

For all you old school record/tape/cd purchasers, do you remember Columbia House? For one penny you could get 12 CDs and then pay $14.95 plus shipping/handling for you next 5 CDs. Now each major music, video and game provider offers you free storage of your media  (in the cloud) with incredible deals after your sign-up, sound familiar? Perhaps like Columbia House?

  • On Amazon, now for a limited time, a $20 Cloud Drive plan gets you 20 GB of cloud storage and unlimited space for eligible music. With this offer, you can upload more of your music to Cloud Drive so you can enjoy it from any Android device, iPad, PC, Mac, or Kindle Fire. As an extended offer you can get for you Amazon Cloud Drive you can get 100 Albums for $5.
  •  On Google Play, you can get 5 gig worth of free cloud storage with similar incentives.
  • On Apple Cloud, you can also get 5 gig worth of free cloud storage.

Have you joined the music cloud invasion yet?  Do you have any to add?


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