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Happy Thanksgiving from Tunesmate!

Johnny Cash appeared as a guest on Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman and sang a Thanksgiving song. Did Johnny bring tears to your eyes as he sang it? Happy Thanksgiving from Tunesmate!


Rihanna is Johnny Cash

Rihanna’s latest single “Where Have You Been?” opening riff has the same musical cadence as “I’ve Been Everywhere” made famous most recently by Johnny Cash. I actually heard this mentioned on Elvis Duran’s show...

Get Involved in the Johnny Cash Project 0

Get Involved in the Johnny Cash Project

Become part of history and help create the video for Johnny Cash’s latest single “Ain’t No Grave”. Through this interactive website, users draw their own portraits of Johnny Cash which become contributed to the...

Scenes with great use of a song 0

Scenes with great use of a song

  my best friends girl. man comes around ={ M I K E }= | Myspace Video Though it’s not an award-winning “classic” kind of film, I find the film My Best Friend’s Girl...


Johnny Cash Sentune

Johnny Cash is forever classic as the man in black. Tunesmate salutes  this country legend with a Sentune. Try taking five song titles of the artist and arrange them in a sentence. Or you can take...