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DEF: Fleetwood Mac “Gypsy”

Three songs from Fleetwood Mac‘s 1982 album Mirage reached Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. On this date that year, the second of that trio of songs, “Gypsy,” climbed to a peak position of number 12. Today, “Gypsy”...


MOTW: Everybody Wants To Stop The World

What do you get when you mix up Tears for Fears with Fleetwood Mac? You get one of the most 1980s sounding musical mashups of all-time. The tune was created by Brad Productions. It...


DEF: Fleetwood Mac “Big Love”

Fleetwood Mac‘s 1987 album Tango in the Night produced four Top 20 hits, making it second only to their mega-hit album Rumours in terms of success on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. On this date in 1987, the...