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Which “Fame” Wins the Title?

In this round of Title Title, David Bowie squares off with Irene Cara on “Fame”. David Bowe’s “Fame” climbed to a peak position of number of 1 in 1975. Irene Cara’s “Fame” climbed to...


DEF: David Bowie “Tonight”

Two songs from David Bowie‘s 1984 album Tonight made appearances on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. On this date that year, the second of those two songs — the album’s title track, which also features backing vocals...


Tunesmate Podcast Episode 18 – Thomas Mulready

Join Ray & Marc as they interview performing arts innovator, technologist, speaker, and musician Thomas Mulready, creator of CoolCleveland, IngenuityFest, and This Analog World. Find out how digging deeper and understanding what’s behind the music...