Rob Thomas is the new Phil Collins


If you were a child of the 1980s, you may remember Phil Collins’ music blaring from every boombox on every corner. There was a point where Phil Collins made a comment that he hoped people didn’t get sick of his music. Not only was Phil a successful solo artist, he was cranking out hits as the lead singer of Genesis. After 30 years, Phil decided to finally call it quits.

Then comes along Rob Thomas, the frontman of Matchbox Twenty, who has had an equally successful solo career as Phil Collins. Mr. Thomas broke out on his own with the hit “Smooth” as a guest vocalist on Carlos Santana’s album “Supernatural“. In 2009, he had a hot hit with “Her Diamonds”. He also scored multiple top ten hits with Matchbox Twenty such as the songs “Push” and “Bent”. The similarities between both Rob and Phil are striking and their music still hitting the airwaves. It seems to me that Rob Thomas is the new Phil Collins. What do you think?

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