Review of Digital Music Sites

Do you need music in your life? Below is a review of the most popular music sites.

Amazon – The book site started offering mp3s for download a few years ago. The have monthly album download specials and charge .99 cents for most digital singles.

eMusic – They charge you a flat monthly fee. The key is if you do not use all your credits in that month, they do not rollover. Please read the fine print because after a few communications with eMusic they would not bend on this policy.

iTunes – Download the software to your machine. Older songs are .99 and newer songs are $1.29.

Kazaa – They have offer a free 7 Day trial. You have access to unlimited music downloads $14.99/mo FREE and access to unlimited Ringtone downloads $3.99/mo FREE. Their model is similiar to Rhapsody (see below).You can cancel at any time during your trial and your credit card will not be charged.

Napster – Listen to songs on demand from any device. Plans start as low as $5/month; the options are here.

Rhapsody – I checked it out the $14.99 for unlimited downloads deal for Rhapsody. You can access it anywhere. It’s like a subscription, you can transfer, and listen to the songs even if you cancel the subscription. You are physically downloading them, but it’s their own format. You can’t burn them to a CD. The downloaded songs are not supported on iTunes. They have a player that is proprietary to Rhapsody. If you want to physically own each song, it will cost between .89 – $1.29 per song and then you can burn them to a CD.

Walmart – The superstore started offering digital downloads a couple of years ago. They offer songs as low as .79 cents.

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