Playing Catchup – Led Zeppelin

I have never owned a Led Zeppelin album.

In many ways, I should probably have to hand in my “card” as a music blogger, fan and, indeed, as a musician. It’s a shocking oversight on my part, especially given my love for bands like Rush who owe their style and existence to Led Zeppelin.

I’m not quite sure why I never really got into the band. I had heard the classic songs, of course, though I may not have always known they were by LZ. Still, more recently, I’ve had the feeling that I owe it to myself to start listening properly.

I bought Led Zeppelin IV last week and I’ve been listening to it during my commute. Needless to say, I’m loving it. A lot of other music makes more sense now.

Are there bands or musicians you’ve just never listened to, or pursued? Any surprising or glaring holes in your musical experience? Am I the only one?

I hope not!

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Stephen Herron

Northern Irish writer and technologist, now living in Cleveland, Ohio.

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