No-Hit Wonders

We’ve all heard of the concept of the one-hit wonder — a musical act who was only successful with or is only known for one song.  Perhaps we can also add the concept of the n0-hit wonder.  A no-hit wonder is an act that has had multiple singles appear on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart (say, at least five) but never made it to the Top 40 with any of those singles.  So, they had numerous charting singles, but they never really had a hit.

By that definition, to date the biggest no-hit wonder has been Steve Alaimo.  Alaimo may be best remembered as the host of the television variety show Where The Action Is, which ran for three seasons from 1965 to 1967.  Spawning from that show and his other recording endeavors, Alaimo hit the Hot 100 a total of nine times between 1962 and 1972; however, none of those singles made the Top 40.  Alaimo’s biggest chart success came with “Every Day I Have to Cry,” which peaked at number 46 in 1963.

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