Monthly Mixtape: February Redux

What is Cassette Culture?

While Spotify playlists have long lay claim to the thrown of personal musical expression, there is something special about the humble mixtape. The hardy plastic encases hand picked songs that capture the taste and mood of a particular moment. Ephemera becomes permanent, left for future listeners to discover. Cassette culture became a disrupting force during the 1980s, allowing people to record music off the radio. This tradition carries on to this day through online communities on websites such as Reddit. Enthusiasts gather here to share tips and tricks for maintaining hardware, rare tapes, and bragging about their thrift store hauls. The cassette mixtape is a rebellion against streaming music, and like any good rebellion it is easy to jump in.

The List

This months mixtape exists on a blank that cost a meager $0.59 at Goodwill. The music is straight from YouTube, making the list easy to track. It was put together with a Technics tape deck. The j-card is a reappropriated Gustav Klimt calendar cut down. Enjoy this months mixtape.

  1. Clairo – Pretty Girl
  2. James Fauntelroy – Fertilizer
  3. Monsieur Perine – Nuestra Cancion
  4. bo en – sometimes
  5. Kamasi Washington – Street Fighter Mas
  6. MAVI – Ghost (in the Shell)
  7. Tierra Whack – Unemployed
  8. Riki – Earth Song
  9. tricot – [BUTTER]
  10. Mon Laferte – Paisaje Japones
  11. Mac Miller – Good News

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Jose Diaz

Collector of analog media.

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