Making A Comeback


If you are washed-up musician, there is hope for you. Former big name artists like Cher, Meatloaf, Donnie Osmond and David Cassidy made a comeback in the music industry. Cher for example hit with “I Got You Babe” in the 60s, “Gypsies Tramps and Thieves” in the 70s, “Turn Back Time” in the 80s, “It’s In His Kiss” and “Believe” in the 90s. Just when you think an artist is going to fall into obscurity they produce a magical hit. Above is live performance of David Cassidy’s 1990 top 40 hit “Lying to Myself”.

Comeback Songs From Older Artists:

  • Lying to Myself – David Cassidy
  • Solider of Love – Donnie Osmond
  • Believe – Cher
  • Meatloaf – I’d Do Anything For Love
  • Madonna – Ray of Light
  • Elton John – Circle of Life

There is still might be hope for M.C. Hammer and Michael Bolton! 🙂 I personally wouldn’t mind Arrested Development or the Spin Doctors to make a new pop hit. Are there any pop artists that you are dying to see make a comeback?

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1 Response

  1. Ray Schuck says:

    Great topic … but I wouldn’t call Elton John’s “Circle of Life” a comeback hit. For one, if I remember right, it was the second big hit release off The Lion King for him, following “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” Secondly, these two songs actually just helped continue a streak of having at least one top 40 hit every year for like two decades or something. I don’t think he ever went away.

    Cher’s an interesting one because she had “Believe” as a kind of comeback, but she had already had one comeback in the late 1980s, starting with “I Found Someone” in late 1987/early 1988.

    That hit New Kids on the Block had a few years ago is a comeback that comes to mind for me.

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