Listener Driven Radio


Local Radio Entrepreneur Daniel Anstandig is using the Internet to power the format of San Francisco station KITS, 105.3.  Their moto is “You decide what plays.” In the late 1990s, Dan as an early teenager started his own Internet Radio station called The station was part user generated music and pre-recorded local programming. Kudos to Dan and moving this concept to terrestrial radio.

Back in early 2000, I had the opportunity to work at as an IJ (Internet Jock) where the listeners had the choice to vote every hour on the music they wanted to hear. The concept was way ahead of it’s time not only from the user generated part, but the fact that 80% of the world was on dial-up. IJs were presented to the audience as a live video stream, chat enabled and ready to take requests. Depending on who was listening, you could have a full hour of rock or full hour our rap.

I look forward to getting a listener driven station in Northeastern Ohio so I can be nostalgic.

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