Will Walmart Be The Last Physical Music Store Standing?

In the movie Idiocracy, society was reduced to rumble and the only store left standing was Costco. Perhaps Mike Judge wasn’t too far from reality, because it seems that Walmart instead of Costco, is taking over the music industry. Will Walmart be the last physical music store standing?

The other as I traveled down an old stretch of the city, I saw the mighty Coconuts record store was now a Mattress store. Back in the day, I bought my first Kiss record there when it was called Peaches. Walmart just announced they are going to be exclusively selling the new Kiss album coming out in October. Walmart has been locking up these exclusive music deals for years. Recently Green Day rejected them, but for the most part groups like the Eagles and Kiss have been reaping the benefits of sales.

When was the last time you actually bought a physical copy of new music release? Are the days officially gone for the physical copy of music? Is the fact that you can only buy a tangible CD at Walmart of new music release the sign of a declining medium?

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