Guess What? You Need Rules To Survive Karaoke

When was the last time that you performed karaoke? Did you think you need a great job or were you embarrassed? If you are going to a corporate party or a night out and you suspect you’ll be singing karaoke for the first time – consider these three tips. I had to learn the hard way! Now if you are James Corden, then you already have a leg up and can instantly sing along with a celebrity.

3 Tips to Survive Karaoke

  1. Have a go-to song – practice a song before you go so you already know the words
  2. Join a group – consider singing a duet or team up with a few people 
  3. Wait to sing – If libations are flowing it may help how you sound 🙂

Do you have any karaoke singing tips for beginners?

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