Guess What? Who Sampled Who

Guess what? Billy Squier is the most sampled rock artist of all-time. Mountain is the second most sampled rock artist of all-time. I was listening to the Eddie Trunk podcast the other day and Leslie West of Mountain was talking about how many Hip Hop artists have sampled his music. The 70-year old rock legend mentioned the website Who Sampled Who and urged listeners to look up their favorite artists. He said, “You’ll be amazed what songs from your favorite artists have been sampled.”

Who Sampled Who will let you look up artists and then discover what songs of theirs have been sampled. For example, Jay-Z sampled Billy Squier’s “Big Beat” in his tune “99 Problems” along with Mountain’s “Long Red“.

Discover Who Sampled Who to find out what songs link to other ones!

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